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About Us
We are the Assassins of Asgarnia, hidden by the shadows. Our weapon is your fear, your fear is our knives. We move with unparalleled speed; time is our servant and we move the wind. As the darkness covers us, we stand hand in hand with our brothers and sisters. With hearts of steel, blood of ice, and skin of rock we deliver pain, hell, and fire. We are the darkness. We are the shadow. We are the Assassins of Asgarnia!

We are a dedicated clan. That means we are a family. We work, play, kill, chat, grieve, and laugh together. From events to parties there is always something going on in our family. Our clan chat is never empty, and there is always someone who will chat. As a laid back, entertaining, light-hearted clan we can guarentee AoA is where you want to be, and that is something we can and will always promise.

We are an Assassin themed POC/Community clan founded on August 22nd, 2010. Since our formation, we have made rapid advancements in our clan's infrastructure, government, community, and memberbase, and continue to do so on a daily basis.

We are a F2P and P2P clan, which means all players are accepted so long as they meet our recruitment criteria.

Possible Recruits
Thank you for taking the time to look at our site! Like what you see, and want to be a part of it? Well look no further than the tab marked "Recruitment" on this very site! Send us a recruitment application, and we'll gladly review you for consideration.

New Assassins
Welcome to our site! We highly recommend you register, and begin browsing to see the benifits of the site. We're once again thankful to have you in our clan, and wish you prosperity and enjoyment in our clan. Feel free to get to know our current clan mates and veterans, as we can guarantee they'll help show you the ropes.

Current/Returning Assassins
Welcome once again to the site! Please be sure to enjoy yourselves here, as the intent of this site is for leadership to communicate with you all, for you to relax, chill, connect, discuss, and above all, HAVE FUN!

Important Info About Registration
When registering onto our clan site, please add a character to your account. For the name, please set the RS display name of the MAIN ACCOUNT YOU PLAN TO USE IN THE CLAN. Please set your combat level under the level section. Under the class section, please use your overall style of fighting in PvP/PvM based events. Once registered, a member of the administrative team will gladly change your site rank to reflect your ingame rank. (:
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Sir Winkler / Sep 02, 2012
As just one member of this clan, I would like to welcome and congratulate AoA Bomber for becoming the newest leader of AoA, and I'm sure the rest of the clan welcomes with open arms this transition as well.

As a result of real-life circumstances, Edge has been ranked down to Deputy Owner, still having significant say and influence on our fantastic clan, however, he will not be as active or participating as he would prefer.

Thus, the transition has been made to induct Bomb into the leadership ranks of this great clan, and I sincerely hope and expect each and every one of our current and to-be members to show respect and help to Bomb as he takes over the reins from Edge.

I would like to supply a quote I stated with both Edge and Bomb in private as the induction and stepping down procedures came to a finale: "An excellent and likeminded choice." This is the ideal phrase to use when describing this exciting transition - many of the clan members will only notice a difference in the name of our leader as the months and years approach; yet at the same time, we will never forget our first magnificent leader, Edge.

And speaking of such months and years, I foresee a great second stage of this fantastic and great clan as its endeavors continue and we continue to grow as a clan.

In this amazing and yet trying time, a great deal of responsibility has been endowed upon some and taken from others, but we must remember that to persevere, "We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard."
Sir Winkler / Jun 12, 2012
Thanks to everyone who helped cap each week towards our goal for Clan Citadel Tier 5. With this comes the following:

  • Crafting Plot (Loom) - The Citadel has begun its transformation into a true sweatshop... check out the pictures of the Loom!
  • The beloved and long awaited Summoning Plot! (Obelisk is the official name). Unfortunately, you can only use 1/10th of your weekly cap on working at the Obelisk, which at the moment is 1/10 * 1700 = 170 resources per week at the Obelisk.
  • New Clan Theater - get your play-write caps on, we have a space for dramas, comedies, and much more!
  • Upcoming higher cap - no exclamation point here, as I'm sure quite a few members will dislike the idea, however, yes, your cap will increase to 2,000 resources per week.

All good news in the eyes of the self-proclaimed Citadel Manager, but perhaps the last bullet will gain some disapproval. Either way, however, our newest accomplishment should really help out the Clan!

Thanks again to everyone who help capped, we (literally!) couldn't have done it without you!